Boat Storage

High and Dry Boats Storage is your reliable boats storage partner in Angola, Indiana, making boat ownership effortless for you. There’s no need to arrange storage space at home and take your boat all the way to the water when the season starts, or store it in the marina and deal with all the damage winter causes. Your boat will be stored high and dry in our equipped facilities, protected from all harmful elements, so when the winter is over you can start using it right away.

Boat Winterization

Don’t make the common mistake of dealing with your boat’s problems and maintenance in spring, at the busiest time for boat maintenance professionals. Instead, prepare your boat for the winter and rest assured it will be protected from the harsh influence of the weather and 100% ready when you want to go for your first boat ride of the next year. Our expert winterization services include anti-freeze block, stabilizing fuel, blocking the engine, changing oil and filter, changing transmission fluid, and much more – anything your boat needs to start the season without extra hassle and expenses.

Launching and Retrieving

Fishing on your boat is fun, but launching it on the water and taking it back on the ground is NOT! You can enjoy the fun part, while our staff will do the launching and retrieving for you – as carefully and skillfully as you would yourself. If you don’t have a pontoon trailer, no need to worry: we will provide you with one free of charge, so that you don’t spend any extra on putting your boat on the water and back!

Client Testimonial

“I have been storing my boat (and now jet-skis) with Ron for the last four years. His facility is very clean with a nice concrete floor. Ron is almost always available if you need access to your boat or trailer anytime while it is in storage. The fact that he will store your trailer for you in the summer (if you had it stored there in the winter) is a real plus as well.”


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